Author Guidelines: Art

We see art as a form of material agency, that intends to provide a symbolic proposition about the world even as it seeks to inform or persuade. All forms of artistic expression are acceptable, including (but not limited to) photography, collage, drawings, graffiti art, sculpture, and painting. We look for moving pieces that capture and emit meaning. Art pieces will most likely be paired with short quotes, parts of essays, or poetry. Artists can combine multiple pieces into a photo or video essay, where they discuss the works and their individual and combined significance. For an excellent example of how art can make an interesting argument, see “This Is Not a Pipe” (“Ceci n’est pas une pipe”) by René Magritte and the corresponding textual analysis by Michel Foucault.


  • All forms of art should be submitted as images of the piece. Please submit as .jpg, .png, or .tif files.
  • High-quality (300 DPI) images are preferred for publication.