Review Process

Live Ideas accepts submissions on a rolling basis. Once your piece is submitted, it will undergo the review process, which could take several weeks.

All submissions to the journal will undergo an initial review by the editors to ensure that it is appropriate for the journal. Following this, the author’s/creator’s name will be removed from the piece and it will be forwarded to three peer-reviewers—one university faculty member and two undergraduate students.

The two student reviewers will be selected by the editors from the six members of the editorial board for the journal. The faculty reviewer will also be selected by the editors, based on how well their expertise relates to the material, from a pool of volunteer faculty.

After the reviewers have given their comments and suggestions, the material will be returned to the editors, who will, in turn, will make the final determination as to acceptance. If accepted but in need of revisions, the editors will return the work to the author/creator for revision. The author will then resubmit the revised material, which will be thoroughly reviewed by the editors prior to being published.