NEW Undergrad Journal!

Live Ideas is an open access, peer-reviewed undergraduate journal co-produced by students and faculty at Kansas State University. Our mission is to provide a platform from which undergraduates can express their original ideas in creative, unbounded, and meaningful ways. In doing so, Live Ideas accepts a wide range of works, including research, creative writing, art, poetry, and multimedia essays.

Rather than being multidisciplinary or interdisciplinary, Live Ideas embraces an antidisciplinary approach. The journal exists to allow students to practice scholarship that is either between or beyond the current disciplinary silos, scholarship that emphasizes the vivifying nature of various forms of primary texts. This journal aims to push at the seams of traditionally accepted scholarly inquiry, constantly balancing on the edge of being radical(ly different).

The journal seeks works that are especially engaging, as is reflected in our author guidelines. Submissions should be alive in the full sense of the word.