Live Ideas Inaugural Edition!

The first edition of Live Ideas: Undergraduate Primary Texts Journal was published on Friday, February 15th! It includes artwork, short stories, poetry, short essays, and longer articles and reviews! You can view the journal by going to our archives page or clicking HERE.

Here is a list of the students and their published works:

  • Paukhansuan Sonna, freshman in Philosophy, published “Mishima in Love,” a short story.
  • Caitlin Radonich, senior in English & History, published “Terroir,” a short story.
  • Selena Badami, freshman in Fine Arts, published “Hidden Strength,” a photograph.
  • Olivia Rogers, junior in Political Science, published “Louisa May Alcott’s Transcendentalism,” an article.
  • Rachel Hermes, senior in Fine Arts, published “Overcome,” a copper etching with Chine-collé.
  • John Dotterweich, senior in Secondary Education, published “An Argument for the Absurd,” an article.
  • Ian Burrow, recent Political Science graduate, published “An Inspiration for Conservation,” a short essay.
  • Jessica Johns, senior in Philosophy & Political Science, published “Emile and A Treatise on Toleration: Intolerance, Fanaticism, and Reason,” an article.
  • Nay Joshua, junior in Fine Arts, published “remember,” a poem.
  • Jakob Hanschu, senior in Anthropology & Geography, published “Poking the Paradigms,” a short essay.

NOTE: We are now accepting submissions for our second edition. Submit your work today to get published!


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