Live Ideas: Second Edition!

The second edition of Live Ideas: Undergraduate Primary Texts Journal was published on Monday, April 15th! It includes artwork,  poetry, short essays, and a longer article as well as a couple interviews! You can view the journal by going to our archives page or clicking HERE.

Here is a list of the students and their published works:

  • Dene Dryden, senior in English, published “How to Work from Home,” a reflective essay.
  • Kelsey Hoines, senior in Fine Arts, published her oil paining “Shower Thoughts.”
  • Nay Joshua, junior in Fine Arts, published his poems “Playdough” & “Nightmares.”
  • Olivia Madderom, senior in Anthropology and Communication Studies, published “Commodity Fetishism and Digital Pornography,” a short essay.
  • Macy Davis, senior in English, published her poetic collection “Building a Literary Home,” which included three poems: “Dear Jo,” “The Learning Experience of Boys,” and “‘Welcome to Our Home,’ $10 Admittance.”
  • Jacob Mikuls, senior in Finance, published “The Battle of Trenton,” an article.
  • Also included in the second edition were two interviews:
    • “Author Spotlight: Suan Sonna” – Conducted and edited by Jakob Hanschu
    • “Artist Spotlight: Rachel Hermes” – Conducted and edited by Mawi Sonna.

NOTE: Our submission deadline is rolling. Submit your work today to get published!

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