Live Ideas: December Edition!

The October edition of Live Ideas: Undergraduate Primary Texts Journal was published on Tuesday, October 15th! It includes artwork,  poetry,  creative and academic articles and part one of a short story.  You can view the journal by going to our archives page or clicking HERE.

Included in the journal:

  • Alissa Rehmert | “Academic Sublimity” | poem
  • Clayton Jarrard | “Living in Tension” | documentary short
  • Rachel Lord | “Burn Season is in the Air” & “Snow Geese” | art series
  • Natalie Wolf | “Beginning with a Porch Swing, on a Cool Evening | poem
  • Olivia Rogers | “Leadership Lessons with Aquinas and Machiavelli” | article
  • Trace Henderson | “A Day in the Sun” | poem
  • Kaylee Kipp | “Resistencia” | creative essay
  • Madison Leirer | “Milkweed Melancholia” | poem
  • Suan Sonna | “An Unfinished Story: Part II” | short story

NOTE: Our submission deadline is rolling. Submit your work today to get published!

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