Creative Essay: Resistencia (1)

by Kaylee Kipp. Originally published in the Dec. 2019 edition of Live Ideas. Find it here.

Resistencia is a creative essay written by Kayley Kipp and inspired by an Honors trip to Ecuador (Quito, the Amazon, the Ecuadorian highlands, and the Galapagos).

It explores subjects ranging from the nature of resistance, similarities across types structural violence as well as resistance, social justice as religion, environmental concerns, humanity, What We Owe Each Other, and our future.

It mixes poetry with memoir, personal essay, and travel writing in an attempt to explore the depth of emotional and philosophical progress that accompanied my travel.

Least importantly, it is an attempt to combine the intellectual efforts of two bachelor’s degrees and a Spanish minor in one senior project.

In order to preserve the formatting and creative nature of the essay, we have posted it here in .pdf file form.

To read Resistencia, click here:


Image Credit: “Untitled” the author is unknown, work is in the public domain under CC0 1.0 Universal.


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