Live Ideas: December Edition!

The December edition of Live Ideas: Undergraduate Primary Texts Journal is now available!

It includes poetry, creative and academic articles and a capstone paper.  

Included in the journal:

  • Grant Weishaar | “Albert Camus and the Desirability of Suicide” | essay
  • Mathew Orzechowski | “Everything is Politics” | capstone essay
  • Andrew Holland | “Starry-Eyed Arimtages (Snakes in the Grass)” | poem
  • Brian Garcia | “Mental Health of Adolescents: Have We Done Enough?”| essay
  • Cadence Ciesielski | “Precedent in Unprecedented Times” | food for thought
  • Alissa Rehmert | “Mathematical Gods” | poem

You can view the journal by going to our archives page or clicking HERE.

NOTE: Our submission deadline is rolling. Submit your work today to get published!

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